The most initial step would be spreading awareness amongst users who would be relevant to your brand or service.


Drive Traffic

Getting traffic on your website by posting interactive & scheduled content which catch the users attraction


Generate Leads

58% of users said that Social Media with good content directly influences their purchasing decisions.This figure increases by 28% every year.



Social media has basically changed the one way communication procedure  & empowers communication between businesses & customers which results in better ROIs



Building an audience of thousands is excellent, but do you have the ability to convert them into business?



Social media performance is precisely very important in order to earn a good online  standing, which is achievable through customer feedbacks.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a powerful & Dynamic System to promote all kind of Businesses to spread awareness and generate leads for your company or brand. There are currently 351.4 Million Social media users in india and are expected to reach 448 Million by 2023. Social media is a place where people majorly spend their time all throughout the day and also at night. Getting a presence there would definitely get you revenue & attention.

Social media optimization strategies

But,Social Media Marketing needs a strategy as well as a plan. Tiana Online Solutions is a Social Media Marketing Agency where our SMM Experts possess the ability to Market your Brand with a proper action & proceedings. Our Social Media Marketing Terminologies are based on 5Ws.
1. Why do you want to be on social media?
2. Who is your target audience?
3. What are you going to share?
4. Where are you going to share?
5. When are you going to share?

Our Approach is unique to get the best out of our proficiency which incorporate activities like sharing relevant post, images or content with your audience which grabs their attention to create a fan base and eventually generate sales.

“The best example of strategy vs plan:
Strategy is: You have to get there
Plan is: How will you get there.”