In a survey of 455 pages, Landing pages proved to be the highest & most effective converted page with 65% of the statistics

Landing page + Google Adwords

Paid Ads on Google and other search engines is the most effective way to showcase an exclusive product or service to a specific targeted audience. Google adwords are backed with a Landing page which compliments the proclamation mentioned in the SERP advertisement. Landing page + Google adsense is an exclusive online advertising service provided by Tiana Online Solutions to its Customers across numerous fields, where clients present their privileged services to audiences for faster ROIs, traffic generation or conversions. Tiana Online Solutions is a leading digital adsense company providing its services to Channel partners, brokers, consultants, advisers, representatives, promoters, sellers etc. with effective results and satisfied customers.

What is the Benefit ?

1. Increase brand awareness
2. Faster results than SEO
3. Outrank your competitors
4. Influence audience to make purchase
5. Custom made campaigns
6. Target specific audience
7. Reach your audience at the right time
8. Remarket audience with best offers
9. Track your Conversions, leads, traffic, sign-ups etc.
10. Stay updated with what you are spending on